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Fusion Information

10 reasons to choose Fusion...

1. Constant Traction Stepping System (CTS™) Patented Technology


The CTS™ system is used to keep the textile in a tensioned and flat state throughout the printing and sublimation process.  The CTS™ system constantly monitors and automatically adjusts the textile to the correct degree of tension required.


2. Post-Printing Online Drying System (Patented Technology)


The textile enters the drying phase immediately after the printing process in order to minimise dust and other contaminants adhering to the ink laden fabric before it reaches the Tension roller. The drying temperature  and vacuum force can be adjusted to match the flexibility of the textile being printed.


3. Real-time Drying & Heating System


Utilising the latest developments in sublimation technologies this double-sided heating system has a fully-enclosed design and meets the requirements of sublimation with full textile colour development.  When used as a drying unit, the electrictity consumption can be reduced, giving improved energy efficiency.


4. Waste Ink Tank Collection System (WIT)


During the printing process excess ink droplets may pass through the more porous textiles, this excess ink is collected in the Waste Ink Tank (WIT).  The Waste Ink Tank will have to be cleaned perioidically, the regularity of this will depend on the type of textiles being printed and how often the printer is being used.


Please adhere to local regulations regarding disposal of excess ink

for more information please check with your local authority or

instructions on the ink container/bottle.


5. Professional Printing RIP Software


The RIP Software supports the latest hyperfine screening technology, conducting multi-channel colour separations with the unique functions of multiple duplication, allowing for fully functional reproduction of any images, graphics, designs and patterns.


6. Convenience & Efficiency


The Constant Traction Stepping System (CTS™) is the highlight of the entire TF1•32 printing and sublimation system.  The ability of the CTS™ to constantly adapt to slight variances in textiles during actual production makes the Fusion TF1•32 digital printing and sublimation system the automatic choice for any serious users who need easy to use direct to textile printing.  This direct to textile printer and CTS™ system has many advantages over many traditional textile print

systems.  The TF1•32 system is a combined direct to textile printer and sublimation machine meaning it has a smaller footprint. There is no need to print onto high cost special transfer paper  and the associated need for the unnescessary complication of feeding the textile and transfer paper through a separate sublimation machine together.  As well as the higher efficiency there is also the benefit of lower energy costs The TF1•32 system truly represents a sound

investment for any company  either currently engaged in or investigating the huge opportunities and potential of the developing and rapidly expanding graphic textile business.


7. Perfect combination of Quality & Speed


Epson DX5 printheads are used, with a output resolution of up to 1440dpi and a printing speed of up tp 55m²/hr maximum, supporting variable-sized droplet technology.


8. Solid & Stable Design


The TF132 has a specifically designed support structure to obtain a sold horizontal plaform which stablises the critical printhead movement.  This design ensures high strength and constant precision printing.  The TF132 is also equiped with high quality linear mute rails that ensures stable and high-speed movement of the printheads with a low noise level.


9. Meticulous Engineering


A high power DC servo motor syncronised with a high resolution raster encoder strip and accurate textile positioning, ensures precision printing.  A safe and reliable passive lifting and cleaning mechanism uses a peristaltic ink pump to extend the service life of the printheads.  The distance between the printhead and the textile can be manually adjusted depending on the thickness of the textile being printed with a range between 0 - 5mm


10. Specially formulated Textile Printing Inks


Brand-It supply high quality active, disperse and acid inks developed specifically for the Fusion range of textile printers.  The inks are made from high performance dyes which are free from heavy metals and other toxic substances but still retain true colour tones and high dye rates.  The colour fastness indicators are varified in tests carried out by independent laboratories (test results from national authorities are available on request to bona fide requests)

Brand-It Technologies reserves the right to revise the above mentioned specifications, designs, sizes materials or accessories due to technical improvements which, will be subject to change without notice.  •  The company's name, named products or processes stated in this brochure are trademarks or registered trademarks of the company.  •  Please make sure to regularly maintain the equipment using the correct methods and approved parts to ensure extended service life.

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