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Fabexx 18 Profile using CoreLight Light Guide Panel Film & LED flexible strip
Fabexx 18 showing application of Conceal Tape onto CoreLight panel
Fabexx 18 with CoreLight panel creating the world's thinnest illuminated fabric display!
Fabexx 18 illuminated Pandora 1 x 2.5m high Graphic December 2017 using CoreLight Light Guide Panel Film & LED flexible strip



Corelight is an easy to apply Light Guide Panel Film (LGF) and is supplied on a roll.


This unique dot matrix film requires no specialist equipment and is applied directly to clear cast acrylic panels.


'When Corelight panels are combined with our Fabexx 18 profile it creates the world's thinnest illuminated fabric graphic!'

Corelight Film technology offers incredible savings in money and time over conventional Light Guide Panel production techniques and allows anyone to produce their own illuminated graphic panels.


Once applied, Corelight redirects, edge lit LED lighting, from the core of the acrylic 90º and out the front face of the panel on one side.

This special film allows any supplier to create and produce their own ultra thin illuminated panels!


The panel thickness ranges from 2mm up to 5mm and in widths from 100mm up to 1520mm.

The full range of roll widths are:


  • 300mm

  • 500mm

  • 610mm

  • 910mm

  • 1220mm

  • 1520mm.



  • The film is simply centred over the width of the acrylic panel.

  • Any excess film can just be trimmed off (approximately 3-5mm in from the edge of the panel)

  • Then seal the edges using standard self-adhesive tape.


All the edges of the acrylic panel must be polished.  This allows the LED light to travel through the core of the acrylic and also to allow the light to be reflected back into and contained within the acrylic panel.


All non-illuminated edges require a simple white reflecting self-adhesive tape.

The LED edge illumination can be located on one side only for widths up to 300mm and located on two sides for all other widths above that.


To gain the best luminosity results, we recommend using our specific high performance LED flexible strips which are available in a variety of lumen outputs and in both 12v and 24v.


  • No specialist software required

  • No CNC laser equipment is required

  • No CNC router equipment required

  • No specialist application required

  • No 'reflector' panel required

  • Less LED strips required (either one or two sides only)

  • Less power consumption

All rolls are available in 50m lengths.

Minimum lengths 10m and in 10m increments thereafter.

Corelight is on a roll...

CoreLight Roll.png
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