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Fabexx Pull tab
Fabexx 18 Magna magnetic display
Fabexx 90 Illuminated Exhibition Stand
Fabexx 90 Suspended Double-sided Illuminated Retail Graphic
Fabexx 180 Illuminated Retail Stand 6x2.5m high
Fabexx 90 Illuminated Retail Graphic
Fabexx 18 Cube Retail Graphic



We have worked extensively and diligently to design and produce an elegant and distinctive range of customer friendly and lightweight aluminium profiles to suit every possible need and challenge.

Fabexx 18 is our illuminated and non-illuminated extrusion which can be mechanically fixed to walls and ceilings or bonded to glass or other substrates unsuitable for mechanical fixing.  We have included special channels to allow for square head bolts to be used to attach various bracing, corner angles or suspension cleats.  The profile can also be used with special door push plates and handles.

We have also incorporated a special 'hanging lip' that allows for easy removal and re-attachment of high level displays without the need for any access, specialist fitters or tools. This will allow on-site staff to make seasonal or promotional changes to fabric graphics quickly and safely and it also saves on installation costs.

Fabexx 40 is our smallest double sided profile that can also be used as a single sided unit. Like most of our profiles it can also be illuminated or non-illuminated to allow maximum flexibility. The profile features internal slots that provides the profile the ability to accommodate Corelight panels for single and double sided illumination.

Our Fabexx 90 profile can also be used in illuminated or non-illuminated configurations. Fabexx 90 can be mounted to walls and ceilings. With stabilising brackets it can be free-standing for exhibition stands or window display backdrops.

Our Fabexx Y2 profile can be used in window and door reveals as well as ceiling and wall recesses. It can also be used in shop display furniture in order to incorporate imagery and graphics.

All profiles are available in stock lengths or they can be supplied in kit form to specific dimensions.

Fabexx 18 - maximum length 6m or smaller bespoke dimensions

Fabexx 40 - maximum length 6m or smaller bespoke dimensions

Fabexx 90 - maximum length 6m or smaller bespoke dimensions

Fabexx Y2 - maximum length 3m or smaller bespoke dimensions

Fabexx Strut - maximum length 6m or smaller bespoke dimensions

Fabexx 90 Illuminated Retail Graphic
Fabexx 18 outdoor 6.1x3.1m high
Fabexx Y2 Illuminated Retail Graphic
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