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Match & Attach the graphic symbols

Fabexx zero DC connection.png

Fabexx zerø

Fabexx zerø is a new modular light weight illuminated tension fabric profile that is ideal for internal signage, promotional campaigns, stores, showrooms and exhibition displays.

It has been specifically designed to be quick and easy to build up and break down with zerø tools, it simply pushes together and pulls apart. It is made from tough but light weight plastic. It has zerø cables, power connections are integrated into the profiles.


Fabexx zerø comes complete with a LED power driver and it's own canvas bag for easy transportation and protection.

Features include:

  • Safe 24v DC power

  • Double-sided or single-sided

  • Rotating stabilising feet

  • Individual parts have matching symbols for unmistakable assembly

  • Modular design for different configurations

  • External profile channel used for linking different frames

  • System can be arranged in different layouts

  • Individual parts all pack into an easy to carry canvas bag with handles

Standard frame dimensions: (the profile itself is a 120mm depth/width)

1000x1000mm with Counter Top (11.7kg)

1000x1000mm (6.7kg)

1000x2000mm (8.7kg)

1000x2250mm (9.2kg)

1000x2500mm (9.9kg)

2000x2000mm (14.04kg)

2000x2250mm (14.76kg)

2000x2500mm (15.24kg)

3000x2000mm (19.8kg)

3000x2250mm (20.55kg)

3000x2500mm (21kg)

Fabexx zero 3x2.5 & 2x2.5m
Fabexx zero bottom corner & rotating fee
Fabexx zero centre connector.png

Built-In DC power connectors

Fabexx zero 1x2m.png
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